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How to Earn Millions on the Internet by Writing Irresistible Web Sites, Emails and Online Ad Copy

Terry Dean, one of the top copywriters online today, shares his methods, his advice and his favorite tips in these lessons that reveal EXACTLY how he creates his winning sales copy-and how you can, too!

What if you could spend hours with one of the top copywriting experts in the world…ask him question after question on how to create unbeatable copy for your web site, and hear his detailed answers? Well, that’s exactly what I did, and this series of highly informative tapes are the result.

In them, Terry discusses the methods that have helped him earn millions of dollars. You’ll learn about the difference between sites that sell-and sites that fail-because some have effective ad copy, while others don’t. It’s that simple, and yet that powerful: if you know how to write powerful sales copy, you have one of the most important marketing tools in your hands.

And this marathon session with Terry teaches you how. 

How good is the copywriting on your site? A consumer panel conducted by comScore Networks and Intelliquest discovered some interesting things about why web site visitors respond favorably to a web site-and buy. They found that three factors rated very highly, and one of them was satisfaction with the content on the site. The better the site content, or writing, the stronger the bond established between the visitor and the site, and the more likely they would be to buy, and to recommend it to a friend. 

October 23, 2003

From: Fred Gleeck

Dear fellow marketer,

I have a simple question to ask you. What if you could increase your site conversions by 5%...25%...125%..? What would this do to your income?

If you’re like me, the answer is “I’d be earning a lot more!”  And that’s something I suspect that most of us want to do. Copywriting is the “key” to seeing increased buy rates, and in some instances, a change as simple as changing single line, or even word, can affect sales dramatically.

I know, because I’ve tested this myself. I’m pretty good at writing copy myself. After all, I’ve put up dozens of web sites, have authored several books, and am a well-known marketer. So I thought that if I put my sales pitch online, and sat back, people would respond.

After these interviews with Terry, I can say with certainty: I had a lot to learn. And he taught it to me! There’s a reason why he’s considered one of the top copywriters of all time in the online environment. I’ve tried out some of his suggestions, and already I’m seeing a difference in my own sales.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to do the same.


By the way, you probably know a bit about me, but I thought I’d introduce myself just in case.  I’m Fred Gleeck. I’ve been in marketing now for over 20 years and I create and sell informational products that help others. I’m decent at both, since I’ve sold over $3 million over the past few years, and one of my own personal thrills in life is helping others get the right start.

I can’t think of a better person to learn about copywriting from than Terry Dean. In fact, below you’ll find a bit more about him, and why I believe he is highly qualified to talk on this topic.

About Terry Dean        

Six years ago, Terry Dean delivered pizzas for a living, and was $50,000 in debt. He decided to try marketing products online, starting out with only a computer, an Internet connection, and a strong desire to succeed.

 Within just 6 months, he was earning his full living online, and over the next few years, he went from debt to creating one of the largest and most successful Internet-based marketing businesses in the world. His site, is visited by millions monthly and he has over 90,000 subscribers to his newsletter. He earns over a million dollars annually from his web site sales and subscriptions.

 He has helped thousands of others recreate his own success over the years, and is highly in demand as a speaker and consultant. Terry normally charges $1000 an hour to teach and consult with others-but here, you receive five tapes filled with information during our lengthy marathon session on copywriting. He’ll teach you why to do it, how to do it, and provides you with concrete examples that you’ll be able to adapt, and use right away.

Terry exposes the myth of online Ad Copy-and reveals how successful marketers really create their copy

In “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” Terry and I discuss why “writing for the web” is actually a myth. Terry’s common-sense advice is backed up with years of testing what works-and what doesn’t, and you’ll benefit from what he’s learned as you hear him discuss:

● Secrets that master copywriters know that generate thousands of dollars in sales (you'll know them too, and be able to use them on your own site)

The two reasons people really buy online - and which is the number one factor that motivates them to act. You'll be able to appeal to this too, after learning what it is..

How changing just 3 things in your site's copy can increase your profits dramatically (learn which ONE thing you should change before anything else!).

● Long copy versus short copy: which sells best, and why, based on solid testing

Common myths about sales letters-replaced with little-known facts

● The 2 goals a web site must have to succeed online.

● Common graphics mistakes that make sales go down-and how to avoid them

Discover the 3 elements that make the difference between excellent online ad copy and poor copy-and how to make sure your copy has the right ones.

●Learn why exclusivity works to drive sales-and how to use it effectively on your site

Terry Dean has taught me a tremendous amount over the three years I've known him. I swear every time I talk to Terry he comes up with a multi-thousand dollar idea for me!"
Mark Wittkowski, President,

This is just the beginning of what you’ll be learning in these information-packed series of 5 tapes. I fired question after question at Terry, asking him the questions that people who want to really sell online have (I know I did, at least!), and I gathered his answers here into what amounts to a phenomenal “crash course” in power copywriting.

You may have put up some web sites already, and be making decent sales. You may have a grasp of copywriting principles. But I can almost guarantee that you’ll learn things you didn’t know before about how to write to sell-and sell well-from Terry, whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned marketing pro.


What Million Dollar Web Copywriting is not:

Over the years, both Terry and I have sadly seen some “interesting” (and even unethical) practices in selling products to people online. Some of them make me quite angry because they don’t deliver, or they offer false promises.

I decided to clarify what this series of lessons (and the full transcription) are NOT:

▪ This is not just advertising for affiliate programs masquerading as information

▪ This is not a “get rich quick” scheme that doesn’t involve effort. Terry gives you the tools for writing outstanding sales letters, but it does take work and effort. But the results are well worth it in the results that you’ll see.

▪This is not just 1 or 2 bits of advice padded with lots of fluff or hype. There’s already too much of that out there.

Instead, it’s a series of 5 full tapes with both sides filled with information that can help you start earning more by converting more of your traffic into buyers-if you use the information and resources that we discuss.

I went back and looked over some top-selling sales letters and sites after talking with Terry, and guess what? The ones that were doing the best, were using the techniques he shares here!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence, and I’d like you to learn what they are, too, in this exciting tape and transcription series.

Learn How to Craft the Perfect Web Promotion

The goal for your web site is to convert your web site visitors into buyers. It takes more than a sleek web design or Flash intro to do this, and even the best products will falter if the writing doesn’t sell.

Terry is a master at selling. He knows what works, and what doesn’t, and uses this knowledge to maintain one of the highest-earning marketing businesses online today. Best of all, he shared with me during these interviews exactly how he does it, and how he creates an integrated marketing campaign.

During the interview, Terry disclosed some of his best-kept methods, including…

How to write unstoppable web headlines that generate sales

The headline is by far the most important part of any web site sales copy. It is often the difference between drawing people in to read further, or having them “click away” to another site.

In Million Dollar Web Copywriting Terry discusses how to create winning headlines that generate interest and pull people in. This is key to having them read your sales presentation, and to motivating them to buy.

You’ll learn:

√ How to create headlines that stop people in their tracks-and make them want to learn more.

√ Where to find great ideas for your headlines-using methods that master marketers know and use all the time

√ How changing just a few words in the headline can double your sales

√ Why you want to test different headlines against each other (and how to do this)

Headline phrases that work every time to bump response rates up

√ How to communicate the main benefit in your headline-and increase your product sales dramatically!

The headline is important, and can often “make or break” sales. But there’s a lot more to crafting powerful sales copy that does what it’s meant to do: sell. So Terry goes to the next step, and literally dissects what makes winning ad copy, the type that motivates people to buy.

He shares his own method for writing sales letters with you in this series of lessons designed to  help you improve your own sales letters and web copy.

Discover “The Internet Ad Formula”-and watch your sales take off

AS I mentioned before, I’ve been marketing for quite awhile, and I STILL learned things from these in-depth interviews with Terry Dean. During one portion of this “guerrilla sales writing course” (that’s what I think of this as), he literally pulled apart and dissected top-selling sales letters and ads, and discussed exactly how they are created, and why they work.

I was stunned, as I heard him disclose methods that I had seen but hadn’t understood, or known how to do myself (now I do, and trust me, I’ll be using these on my own sites!)

Terry goes step-by-step through how to write an online sales letter that will pull like crazy for you. He didn’t leave anything out. By the time he’s finished, you have a complete template to follow that you can use for writing your own sales letters.

You’ll learn the elements of a great sales letter in detail:

▪Why pre-heads and post-heads are important-and what to include in each for maximum effectiveness

▪ Why stories sell - and which ones work best

▪ How to get great testimonials - and use them effectively- even for products that are brand new!

▪ Inside tips on building credibility - and why this is vital.

▪The most powerful writing style known- and how to use it in your own copy.

▪ What the major “hot buttons” for buying are, and how to hit them to increase your conversions

▪ How to write to engage readers-and get them to keep scrolling down to learn more

▪ How to craft the perfect closing: guarantees, deadlines, free offers and the all-important P.S.: things you must know to nudge people into buying from you.

▪ How to sell “dollars for dimes”-and why you want to use this powerful marketing tool

▪ Learn about “the dual readership path” and why you must address it in your sales copy to get the best results.

I don’t know of anyone who is better at “getting into the customer’s mind” and marketing to them  than Terry (unless it’s myself, of course!)  And we both disclose, divulge, and in detail discuss our favorite secrets of creating great marketing copy.

You’ll learn how to up sell-right in your online copy-and earn more than you might have. There’s a special way to do this, and Terry shares how he uses it to generate extra sales.

After he shows you how to create a powerful online sales letter, Terry doesn’t stop. He goes into one of the most important methods of reaching customers online today: email marketing.

Creating “killer” emails doesn’t have to be difficult-once you’re given the tools

One area of copywriting that many people struggle with is creating emails that get opened and read. After ordering “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” you’ll understand how to write emails like the pros do, including what works-and what doesn’t.

Terry gives you tools for crafting powerful email messages, including:

-Learn where the headline should really go in emails (it isn’t the traditional spot).

- How to create subject lines that get opened

-Why personalization is critical (and how use it effectively)

-Why you DON’T want to sell from your emails (and what you want to do instead)

-HTML versus text: which to use, and why

-The best length for emails (and the worst!)

-The perfect ratio between content and ads in your emails

-How to avoid being accused of “Spam”

Terry even shares about email list management companies, and how to find a great one to help you get started. You’ll have the information and resources to create outstanding email campaigns that get noticed-and responded to!

Ads and pop-ups are important to your online marketing, and Terry and I address both of these. You’ll learn information that can save you both time and money, including the best placement for your ads (knowing where to place them can double or triple your sales), along with  expert tips on writing effective ones.

For instance, there’s a specialized format for great classified ads-and Terry lays it out for you. Just follow it, and your ads will be much more professional (and more likely to get responses).

There’s a major mistake most people make when creating banner ads. Terry lets you in on what it is, how to avoid it-and how to make sure the critical element you want is present!  He shares what works best when marketing with banner ads based on his own research.

He goes into the ins and outs of effective marketing online, and dispels other common myths in the process. You’ll learn:

√ Why your conversion rates aren’t as important as another formula he shares for learning how much you’re really earning

√ A method for doubling your conversion rates that most people don’t use-but should!

√ How to discover what your customers really want and need-and use it in writing more powerful copy

√ Learn Terry’s tips for generating a flow of traffic to your web site, and enticing people to buy once they get there!

√ How writing for the Web can be vastly different from writing offline-and when you need to know the difference.

I’ve just covered some of the highlights of what gets discussed in this informative copywriting course that we’ve put on tape, and transcribed as well. 

Now, I have another question for you:

How much is learning how to create sales letters that SELL worth to you? In terms of the income you could be earning…the product sales, the growth of your email list…your ability to gain affiliates?

Some people would say it’s hard to put monetary value on something this important. After all, creating powerful sales copy is one of the most important skills for success on the Internet, and here, Terry and I share with you exactly how it’s done.

This skill could be earning you thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, for years to come.

At the same time, we wanted to make this tape series and transcription available to as many people as possible. While others out there are charging $300 and $400 for far less, I’ve decided to offer it for a limited time for only $147.00

That’s $147.00 for the chance to learn from one of the greatest copywriters and marketers today. Terry reveals in these taped interviews his secrets and tips on creating powerful sales copy that gets results. And my package includes a full transcript of the tape series that you can print out, highlight, mark up, and refer to again and again.

But there’s more…

This price includes some exciting bonuses worth more than the price of the tape series itself.

I believe in over-delivering to my clients, and these bonuses are an example. Each one alone is worth hundreds of dollars, but I’ve included them to help you get the right start with online marketing. 

When you order  Million Dollar Web Copywriting, you’ll also receive the following bonuses, designed to give you practical tools for marketing better, smarter, and for less money.

You’ll receive in addition to the tapes and transcription three special bonuses.

Bonus 1: receive 25% off of the list price of any of the informational products listed below. These books and manuals will teach you professional marketing and promotion methods that are essential to anyone interested in earning money by selling.

  • Double or triple your sales, using this proven method for marketing that starts where most others leave off! You can have a great book, a great product-but if you don’t know how to market it, you won’t sell. I’ll share insider tips and secrets that are guaranteed to work in this “tell all “ book.

  • this information-packed manual contains a step-by-step blueprint for creating your own consulting business, with industry information, insider tips, and advice to get you started from the ground up.

  • find out the methods that I have used for over 15 years to help others successfully promote their own seminars. You’ll have everything you need to get started, and promote your own seminars and start making income.

  • would you like to learn how to make $5,017 a day minimum as a professional speaker? It’s not just possible, it’s probable and in fact many earn much, much more. You can, too, using the methods that I share in this 6-tape audio cassette program that discusses the exact steps to take to get started in this highly lucrative profession-even if you’ve never spoken before! A $97 value.

  • here you’ll receive a full recording of my day-long seminar on how to successfully write, publish, and market. You’ll hear the same information that I share at seminars, information that can help you succeed, because you’ll have the right tools. A $97 value

Bonus 2
: Receive 20 minutes of free professional consulting

Starting a new business is the time when you need help most-and I wanted to offer it to you. For a limited time, when you  order “Million Dollar Web Copywriting”, you will receive 20 minutes of free consultation with me. This is a bonus worth over $150, since my hourly rate is normally $500 per hour: but you’ll receive this bonus absolutely free.

I believe in mentoring others to success, and this bonus is my way of acting on this belief. During our time together you can ask me any questions you have about writing copy that sells and starting your online business-and I’ll give you straight answers and advice, including resources you can contact and “insider tips” I’ve learned.

Bonus 3: Come to professional seminars at half price-and learn directly from industry pros.

When you want to get the right start, who better to learn from than those who have already succeeded? The third bonus I’m offering was designed to give you access to some of the top experts in the consulting, speaking and marketing industries. When you order “Million Dollar Web Copywriting you will receive 50% off of any one of the following seminars over the next 12 months: 


Please visit the web sites above, and check out the prices that I charge for these seminars. You’ll see that this bonus, by itself, is worth $500! But because I want you to be fully equipped for successfully marketing your products, you’ll gain entrance to them at a huge discount.

My personal guarantee: you’ll love the information you receive, and learn valuable tips on creating copy that sells-or you receive a full refund. No questions asked.

People who have worked with me before know that I can’t stand dishonesty, or those who try to sell products to others that don’t deliver on the promise. This is why I have one of the strongest guarantees you will see anywhere.

if after ordering Million Dollar Web Copywriting you don’t feel that this is some of the most practical, useful advice on writing sales copy for the Internet, if Terry’s advice and counsel don’t cover the points we discuss above, just contact me within 90 days and I’ll completely refund 100% of your purchase price.

I can’t state more strongly than this how valuable I believe this information is, or how highly I regard Terry, his methods, and his ability to teach others.

My goal in offering this tape series and full transcription is to help you jumpstart your own online marketing, and start earning the income you’ve always wanted to. And killer copy is necessary for this to happen; in fact, it’s impossible to earn real income online without great, persuasive sales copy.

"I give him a 10. Fred Gleeck is Fantastic. Super! Outstanding! He tells you what to do, how to do it, and he sets you in motion for success. A day with Fred Gleeck is a day on the road to success."

Dr. Ellen Ettinger

Order “Million Dollar Web Copywriting” -and start turning site traffic into buying customers .

I believe that learning to write effective sales copy is one of the most important skills a person can have, if they’re serious about earning online. It’s the difference between “just making it” and “really doing well” in many cases. After all, when people go to your web site, it’s your words that persuade them to buy, not fancy graphics.

I want to help you learn this valuable skill, and start using it to become a success. I look forward to hearing from you how this information has helped you, and how your own online sales have increased.

Here’s to writing copy that sells - and doing it well,

Fred Gleeck

P.S. I’m excited that Terry Dean has shared some of his favorite copywriting tips and advice in this series of 5 tapes. I gave him question after question, rapid-fire, because I didn’t want to waste a minute of our time together. I would hate to see you lose out on this “marathon session” with him, or to miss out on hearing what he has to say. Doesn’t it make sense to order your own copy and receive not only the 5 tapes, but a full transcription, along with the 3 bonuses worth hundreds of dollars?

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